Ankita Das - Director & Founder

- Ankita Das, the pioneer behind the inception of Kasmad, has an experience of over 7 years in the Service industry. More than half decade of hard work has helped Ankita establish her expertise in the service industry .

- Prior to Kasmads, Ankita has worked with the big guns of service & mortgage industry – Sun West mortgage, XL Dynamics, Sutherland mortgage Services, Citi mortgage and Freedom mortgage.

- She has earned her MBA in Finance from one of India’s reputed MBA institutes, Alliance University, Bangalore. She is also a certificate holder of Allregs UW Department & Genworth UW University.She is also a recognized member & MLEsm at LEADERS EXCELLENCE at HARVARD SQUARE.

Arpita Das - Director & Co-Founder

- Our co-founder, Arpita Das is a Software Engineer & a Lawyer by profession who has an experience of over 3 years in the software development aspects of service & mortgage industry and has worked with the likes of HCL and Oncore Capital Group.

- An intelligent, highly disciplined and goal-oriented women, Arpita is a multi-tasker. Along with handling Kasmads, she also has IAS ambitions.