Sonu Das - Director & Founder

- Sonu Das, the pioneer behind the inception of Kasmad, has an experience of over 17 years in the Service industry. More than half decade of hard work has helped Sonu establish her expertise in the service industry .

- Prior to Kasmads, Sonu Das has worked with the big guns of service industry

- She has earned her MBA in Marketing . She is also a certificate holder of Allregs UW Department & Genworth UW University..

Arpita Das - Director & Co-Founder

- Our co-founder, Arpita Das is a Software Engineer by profession who has an experience of over 3 years in the software development aspects of mortgage industry and has worked with the likes of HCL and Oncore Capital Group.

- An intelligent, highly disciplined and goal-oriented women, Arpita is a multi-tasker. Along with handling Kasmad, she is also pursuing a degree in law and has IAS ambitions.