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Whether you are looking to outsource your data entry processes or are interested in reframing your existing mortgage process, the mortgage experts at KASMAD Solutions Pvt Ltd are dedicated to providing you the services that are just right for you and your business.

The service process of Kasmad is divided into two sub services:

Mortgage Services: Kasmad provides best-in-class mortgage solutions and customer support solutions which assist mortgage lenders such as bankers and brokers meet their business goals with 100% confidentiality and security.

Data Entry Services: Our outsourcing data entry services includes high levels of accuracy in data entry, data conversion, data mining and extraction, data processing, data indexing and data analytics services.

The Mortgage Services

KASMAD Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides end-to-end services for mortgage process such as loan origination, processing, title, sale, servicing of mortgage loans and other mortgage supporting services. These services consist of:

Document Auditing Checklist

We check and audit each of your mortgage documents - from 1003 mortgage application form and credit report to income returns - precisely to evaluate a mortgage plan for you.

Mortgage Processing

Our mortgage processing stages comprises of requesting, collecting and submitting all supporting credit documents such as homeowners insurance (HOI) docs, income and asset information, payoff from lenders and verification of employment (VOE) documents to the mortgage banker for approval.


Once we will ensure that your completed loan application is verified and has all supporting documents, we will "pull" a credit report and start obtaining property documents for underwriting.

This will help you analysis the risk involved in making a mortgage loan and whether the risk involved is acceptable or not. Our underwriting evaluation process includes 4 “C’s” - Capital, Capacity, Character and Collateral.

This evaluation gives you a full review of the creditworthiness of the borrower and evaluate the property being used as collateral for the loan.


We will take each of your application from pre-approval to closing, where the loan documents are prepared for signature of the borrower. Plus, the loan funds are also disbursed.


In this step, the after disbursement auditing tax and insurance escrow are made. The funds required for closing or that the borrower would receive are calculated. A final settlement statement is also made which includes accounting of all the costs, credits, payoffs, pays that are required by the lender.

Title Review

Also known as deed, a title is a legal document that establishes the right of ownership on a property and it is recorded as a public record. We reviewing each title document - from title commitment, CPL, wire instructions, errors and omissions to the chain of title.

Appraisal Review

Under our appraisal review service, we do collateral review to help ensure that the collateral is adequate for the mortgage and that there are no issues associated with the property that may affect its value later.

Insurance Services

Kasmad also help you make and place insurance quotes. We also help you prepare all the documentation required for an insurance service.

Other supporting services

Data Entry Services

At, Kasmad Solutions Pvt Ltd., we promise to provide you with elevated level of accuracy, data security and high confidentiality when it comes to your data.

Our highly trained data entry professionals and mortgage experts are trained to understand and thoroughly analyze hand-written documents. We then re-work the data to provide you with maximum accuracy and data precision which keeps our outsourcing customers coming back for more.

Outsourcing your critical data processes to KASMAD Solutions can help you get lowered service prices, elevation in competition, increased profitability and the provision to provide your customers with greater value and operational fineness.

Along with quality work, we believe in providing a better customer service which will make our customers the enjoy the benefits and achieve higher success level in their business.

Online & offline data entry service

Our online and offline data entry services include data processing, data conversion and data refining.

Data digitization & e-PUB

We offer data digitization and electronic publication services that help digitize your written documents, catalogs and returns with a quick turnaround time.

Data conversion

Our data conversion services entail conversion of data from one format to another. They cover from simple file importation to highly complex undertakings that require the importation, validation and cleansing of data.

Forms processing (HTML/XML/SGML coding with DTD Design)

Our form processing services extract data from different fields of entry and convert it into electronic formats. The data processed and transformed is stored securely and is accessible from multiple locations.

Data mining

Highly accurate, speedy and interpretable tools and processes for data mining services.

E-Cataloging & Data capture services